Hello, my name is Monifa and you can call me Mo.  My history with photography begun in 1996 but  became my passion in 2009.  After professing my love to my best friend (Kev) and having our first son Ian (Kesh came eight years later), it changed my perspective forever. Being a blessed wife and mom, I learned the value of capturing what matters most in life.   The inspiration for selflessness, devotion, and timeless memories were the beginning of my photography world. I do this for the love of family and memories. The two should be cherished and remembered for what is and what it used to be.

I am ardent about what I take but also how I take it. It's not scripted , and your wedding day is completely organic. Through the chaos, makeup, fast food boxes, I capture it in its raw form. Images are eloquently captured in a candid, romantic, and chic form, that best displays my clients inner and outer beauty. It speaks without words and connects to the inner emotion. It's artsy and creative, but importantly it is about you. 

"The best things in life have been set before you at least once in this lifetime" MB

"The memories captured today are for details lost later in life" MB


basdeo 2019 family portraits

Photo credit: Aneris Photography with Sirena W. Singleton

Hair: O! Salon with Henry D. Smalls

Makeup: Brushed Beauty by Valisha Wigfall

Mo dress: Amazon

Boys bow tie: Amazon

Boys suspenders: Etsy

Family smiles: Godgiven

My family is everything to me and each day the Lord grants us another day is truly a counted blessing.