Every experience from the first call or email until even after you've received your images is important to us. We are building a friendship that will last a lifetime, ensuring you're exposed to a all the memories. While we take images of ourselves it is truly priceless to our friends and family. 

Do you travel?

If your experience is within 30 miles of Charleston S.C then there are no additional fees.  We love exploring new places and theres no place to far. Traveling fees will apply and its well worth it. This is for any session or event unless otherwise contracted. 

What are your pricings?

Simply put our wedding collections start at $1999+. Lifestyle sessions start at $250+. We are proudly and competitively priced for a lifetime or priceless memories.  Rather you're shopping with a budget in mind (and this is smart) make sure to consider specifics and editing details.  Destination and elopements are priced the differently, and  A la Carte is available. 

Do you work with a second photographer?

For our wedding collections every collection has a second shooter. We are huge advocates for details on that day especially candids. This is better captured with two photographers. I work along side phenomenal professional photographers who has the same style of shooting. However some events and ceremonies can be captured by one photographer and this is available via A la Carte purchase as well.


Do you edit all of your images?

Of course the final product that you are selecting are edited and ready for publishing. We also offer our bride and grooms same day edits as well. We want your friends and family to experience your day quickly as possible. 

Where do you live and how far do you travel?

We are based in the beautiful city of Charleston S.C but travel all over. If you need us there we are there.  Traveling accommodations are calculated based on airfare, hotel, rental car if needed, and should be paid in advance.


Do you provide video services?

We believe in focusing our expertise in one field and that is still photography. However we'd be glad to refer you to a few professionals who do an awesome job. 

Do you have an assistant?

Yes I do, sometimes along with my second shooter as well. However my second shooter can perform both roles if need be.

Do we need a permit for our location?

If your session is not on private property then a permit is usually not needed. However there are some restrictions in areas that may prohibit any type of photography.  You would need to confirm the specifics before hand just in case another location is needed.

Is black and white included?

Everyone has a preference and some images just tells a better story in black white. In the event this is your case then we will glady give you the classical black and white feel. Just let us know!

What the turn around time for my images?

Wedding proofing are usually available within 6 weeks for proofing. Once everything is approved from the Bride and Groom such as album, canvas etc then your images are sent off for processing. Shipping usually takes up to two weeks. For lifestyle portraits up to two weeks for proofing website.

Are images watermarked

Images that will be displayed on social media will be more than likely be watermarked.


Am I allowed to use filter from my phone on the images?

We know how exciting it can be to be your own editor however we strongly advise against using any third party filters.  Using these filters is not an accurate edit to our style of photography. So we ask that you don't. 

How many images will I receive?

Based on the amount of activities you have going on for your event will determine the amount of images you'd receive. We don't shoot like a machine gun, but we do properly document unique things as they unfold. 

Do we need to get negatives

You receive digital downloads with a print release however based on what was contracted  other products may be included or can be purchased.

Do we get the copyright to images?

No we do not sell our image and if we did prices varies from $5,000 per image and up. However a print release is given for you to print at your own liberty.

Are the images raw or unedited?

All images given are edited to perfection (or as close as possible). 

Can we have all the unedited images?

Unfortunately we do not distribute unedited images. Our creativity is taken very seriously therefore what we show is a representation of what we do.


What if we want additional digitals?

Your additional images can be purchased outside of your agreement.

How are the albums designed?

Albums are designed by Monifa and sometimes my assistant (s).  A proofing link is sent to you before it is approved for processing.

What if I only need one picture taken?

That's great that you may only need one picture, because hey sometimes its only that one. However there you are still given a minimum choice to choose from. Price will not be prorated due to only wanting one image. 

What if I dont have a credit or debit card?

It's no problem because I understand that many still write checks etc and this is acceptable however there are stipulations to other forms of payment. Let me know what your method will be.

Is there a consulation fee?

Absolutely not, your time is just as important as ours. With that being said its probably best to look at our site and determine if we are the right fit....then book your consult.

Do you take posed family photos

Yes I take the traditional posed for the purpose of tradition however everything else is captured organically. 


Do you have insurance?

Yes I have insurance on my business and also the tons of equipment I may travel with as well.

Can you hold a date for me?

Dates are only held with a non-refundable retainer fee and this is across the board. 

Do you have a payment schedule?

Yes we have options for your payment arrangements for our wedding collections only. 

If I cancel my event can I get a refund?

Our retainer fees and monies paid are not refundable however we may be able to make accommodations for a later date that may be an additional fee. 

When should we book you for our wedding?

I've had clients try and book me two years out before booking their venue. Retainer fees only hold the original date discussed and contracted. 

If we are late will you stay later?

In the event that you are running behind we do understand however this does not guarantee that the session will be extended for that day. If permitted session may be extended for an additional fee.


Do you offer discounts for off season or weekday events?

Yes we have limited amount of availability for discounts. Just ask and we will let you know.

Can friends and family take pictures with their cameras?

Although we'd prefer for everyone to keep the phones in their pockets and purses we understand the hype. We just ask that guest remain out of the view of camera crew. 

Do you recommend professional makeup for my event?

Yes this is highly recommended, even if you usually don't wear it. Unless there is an allergen to foundation, this makes your images crisp and clean looking. We also have recommendations for professional makeup artists that does well with every skin type and complexion.

Is there any time restraints on the wedding day?

Some churches may have their own restraints when it comes to photography and videography. We try to discuss with officiator prior to, to ensure we stay within protocol of the guidelines.

What is the booking process?

Our booking process is so simple it feels welcoming. A questionnaire is sent for you to fill out and send back in. Then our wedding collection is sent for you and the better half to decide on.  You'll then be sent a contract with the details of your collection and additional information, sign electronically. From there you'd pay your non-refundable retainer fee and your date is confirmed. Its that easy! Receipts are scanned or generated for your records.

What are your method and stipulations for payment?

For special events all payments must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to your event without a late charge. Late charges are $20 per day.

For lifestyle sessions all payments are due no later than one week prior to session without late fee.


How long will it take for my photos to be finished?

Between third party filters and cell phones many tend to confuse professional with quick pics. For special events processing time is up to 6-12 weeks. Time varies on amount of images, details of edits and special edits you may have purchased. We are a hands on therefore we are meticulous when it comes to our edits. Our process is not Polaroid and the final edits shows as such. 

For lifestyle sessions it may take up to 2 weeks before images are available for proofing.

Should I just wear anything out of my closet?

We will collaborate with you to make sure your shoot is neat and clean. We love visualizing with our clients to make sure everything is flattering to size, shape and style. This is all apart of the experience.