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Looking for a trustworthy wedding photographer? We are here to educate you on what you can expect based on the details of the big day. Below you will find our various styles and how we captured these moments and with what. Our main goal is to capture what the couple envisions with the best settings possible. 

TYPES of photography

Light and Airy

What a sight while the newlyweds kissed for the first time on their wedding day.

Light and airy photos are captured in natural light with bright and soft pastel colors in the background. Images are caught in the open sky, lighter backgrounds. Wedding venues have these types of settings that are perfect for photographs. Color palettes include;  Blush pinks and pastel greens, which are ideal wedding colors for this style of photography.

Sharp and vibrant


What you see is what you get is what I like to call this style of photography. It is versatile and loved by many. It is crisp in detail, and clients enjoy the true colors of greenery and all the additional colors in between. If you love the perfect in-betweens, you'll love this look.

Off camera lighting

off camera lighting
founders hall 
charlestown landing
charleston s.c 
outdoor photography

Some couples desire a bold and dramatic lighting effect to some of their images. The lighting setup has a 3D appearance and perfect for a color palette that's great for skin tones and vibrant, saturated colors.