Voted #1 in Charleston S.C for best wedding photographer has been a humbling yet exciting experience. Picture Perfect Photography specializes in Wedding and Family Portraits. To better serve you, your images are thoroughly processed to portray your time with us. We live in a time where tomorrow can be a life changing experience so today should be cherished. We guarantee our best efforts by documenting you the best way. You are able to trust our creative instincts on your day because you trust us. These moments will never happen again. But we leave you knowing that your experience has been grand and eventful. Our best is good enough and nothing short of. We are here to service generations of family members and friends through photography. We create a timeline and tell a unique story that begins and ends with you. Just like you, your images are dear to us! With  our team we will surround you with your personalized piece of perfection.  If the who's who is looking for  elite photography then we'd be happy to service.  

Lets talk about Mo...I am was born and raised in the Low-country where you allow chicken and ducks safe passing on country roads.  Sunday School speeches and singing on the church choir was a must while in my parents household. Treating all walks of mankind with love and respect  is a must. (Que church medley in 3,2,1...) lol My father taught me that if a man can't be true to his word then anyone can protest to the validity of their wisdom. I was raised with the belief that if you gift a child with a book or a shovel he can survive this world honestly. I believe that your words are moot if you are doubtful in standing on them. Now I won't take you to church today but I will tell you a little about me.

I am the eldest of three siblings and raised by our darling parents Charles and Vivian Morant.  We were raised to be thoughtful yet mindful, and have a way of making people feel safe.  (Fast forward years later) After graduating high school (Go Foxes) I received my B.A in Biology from Morris College in Sumter S.C. I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. My favorite by pass time is reading, singing, photography (of course), and mostly spending time with my family. I am the wife to a wonderful husband, Kevin, and mom to our two vivacious boys, Ian and Kesh. My family is dear to me and I love sharing every day with them. My family is always in season and truly makes my heart smile. Our boys have brought so much love into my heart that I never knew before. Our family values are very important and we are a close knitted family. My Mom and Dad have always been great providers for my siblings and I. We cherish the holidays like no other and take nothing for granted. Love lives here and you become like family once introduced. 

My Christian faith teaches me to greet everyone with respect and love. Compassion and empathy are the two main characters in my daily living. I believe in happy thoughts and love happy people. In my down time,  relaxing while sipping on green tea and chatting it up with family is a great way to spend my day. My favorite shows to watch are mainly comedy and my favorite is Schitt's Creek on Netflix. I also love the tear jerker  "This is us".

I love the photography challenge however I love making people feel great about themselves. To see someone smile or shed a tear when viewing themselves makes my day even brighter.  Photography isn't a job for me, its a ministry (as a client reviewed it). It was years later after my husband and I became parents that I realized our lives and time where priceless. 


Okay so it's obvious you've decided to marry your hearts desire.  Planning for this big day only scratches the surface with whats expected to come. Its about two people going through life changes to together and enduring it with each other. The focus is squarely centered around you two. We celebrate the infinite holiness of matrimony. People love our concept of friendliness and genuine spirit. Being creative, intuitive and influential is also a major plus. We are apart of a larger artistic scene that explores every sense of imagination and interpretation. We are civic and well loved because of this. 

Lets see how well I know the basics of you. Have you been waiting for the perfect person to sweep you off your feet? Do you believe in the sacredness of what wedding vows hold?  Do you understand that your day isn't just for you to cherish but those who will live long after you? Do you understand the power of a photo and the elements it portrays?  If you said YES to any of these questions then you're in for a treat. 

Looking for a good photographer isn't hard to find. They are everywhere and produce lovely images. So you may ask the question how do you choose? You should have a connection with your photographer. Make sure  your personality and there's are compatible.  I mean after all you're getting married to the one you love, and  gaining a lifelong friend (that would be I). You need to have open dialogue with your photographer and communicate what you want. You MUST trust your photographer and that starts with being comfortable. There's a sincere and genuine connection with all of our clients because we really do care.  We tear up during toast, shake a little leg on the dance floor.  We have your best interest at heart and that is always a priceless trait in in friendship.  Our goal is to create a seamless timeline that will be past down through the generations. Everyone wants a romantic love story that's rewarding. When there is love in the air nothing else matters as it shouldn't.   I'm currently living in the beautiful skirts of  Charleston S.C and I also travel all over the world to capture what Bride and Grooms need. We are looking forward to discussing what we can offer you for your day. 

Namaste, Gods speed, peace be with you, have a great day and happy planning.

  You may say to yourself if you've seen one, you've seen them all. However, our encounter extends to a life-long friendship. You're not just another number or someone to be handed off to someone else. You are a priority. 




 We want your smile, persona, and what makes you unique. We are excited about having a wonderful session with you and your family. We are very diverse in our photography skills and it shows. You are encouraged to be yourself and have fun. 




On your special day, we capture what we call the ABC's of photography. Your acquaintances, bond, candids, and the details.

Your friends and family attend this day to share with you a momentous occasion. They experience the bond and intimacy between to loving devoted people.

Your candids will be organic and natural along with breathtaking details. This moments we hold very dear and strive to get them captured.



 Together we collaborate and build a theme if need be for your big day. Regardless of the amount of experience you have in front of the camera, we are here to guide you from behind the camera. Here you can be yourself and allow the essence of you to shine through. I'm available to consult on wardrobe decisions and location sites etc. We perfect your vision by capturing it. Whatever it takes to get the shot we are there to cheer lead. 


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