First, thank you for visiting our page. Picture Perfect Photography specializes in Wedding and Family Portraits. To better serve you, your images are thoroughly processed to portray your time with us. To be honest we live in a time where tomorrow can be a life changing experience. No one is perfect, however, we always do our best.  We trust our creative instincts on your day. These moments will never happen again. But we leave your wedding day knowing that your experience has been grand and eventful. Our best is good enough and nothing short of. We are here to service generations of family members and friends through photography. We create a timeline and tell a unique story that begins and ends with you. Just like you, your images are dear to us! We archive and keep your memories safe for years. 


One may wonder what makes a photographer stand apart from everyone else. While the answer is simple, let me explain.  A well-seasoned photographer knows how and what to document on your wedding day.   Our team of professionals loves telling a story.  Quality, details, composition style and creativity set each photographer apart.  Our photographer is an award-winning artist who received the CMBEA award as the best photographer of Charleston in both 2016 & 2017 and is always on hand to bring your dream day to life by being creative. Whether it’s an elaborate event or a brief gathering, you can count on us to preserve these memorable times. 


We offer albums, canvas, prints, digital files and much more. The designs of our albums are of a professional grade that we stand by. Our pages have a variation of thickness that out stands the typical toddler fingers or guest mishaps. No torn pages here! Our clients love a variety of designs in the albums, especially the infamous flush mounts. We also have recommendations for invitation designs here. These designs are sure to set you apart.


  For such a such a simple word, it has many meanings. Everything is about interpretation, execution, and experience.Your experience with us will be welcoming, fulfilling and continuous. Your customer service is like your images, priceless.

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Engagement Sessions

Live, Love, Laugh and take pictures. Take nothing or no one for granted. When you meet the one who makes you happy you should appreciate them. Take the picture, share the love and keep the memories.

Wedding Photography

One of the oldest traditions in the world is still up and coming in 2018. Marriage is a sacred ceremony of vows exchanged between two people. Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life. Selecting the best team that fits your personality makes for a timeless experience.

Family portraits are a timeline of happiness for your family to reminisce over for years to come.

Lifestyle Portraits

 Life as we know it changes day by day. From K-5 to college graduations it's ever so evolving. Don't regret not taking to many pictures, or not giving too many kisses.  Time flies once you become a parent, so cherish the memories. These fleeting moments should always be captured to reflect on later in life. Generations later they'll be glad you decided to put a picture to the name. 


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